Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 11: On the attack

Getting buzzed by a Peregrine Falcon is like getting buzzed by a small fighter jet. Well, perhaps not as loud, but you get the distinct impression of danger. Two years ago we had a pair of Peregrine falcons breed on the island for the first time since the 1930's and they appear to be breeding again this year. We can't see into the nest so we probably won't know for sure until there are chicks later in the season. Even when we don't see the falcons we find daily evidence of their presence from the carcasses of seabirds they leave behind. They seem to really enjoy the Common Murres. Probably because they are the most numerous seabird and their short little wings don't give them much maneuverability in the air.


  1. Annie, I can see why you don't name all the murres and auklets and corms--there are just too many. But I think a pair of nesting Peregrines should be given the courtesy of proper names. Please attend to this.

    Swell photo.