Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 87: Finale

Well it's that time. Unfortunately, I am done for the season and leaving the island tomorrow. Farallon photo a day will be on permanent hiatus. I know I will be back at some point, but I will not be doing an entire seabird season next year. It's tough to leave knowing that but I know I'm incredibly lucky to have spent the last seven summers out here. I hope you have enjoyed the journey this year. Perhaps I will see you on some future adventure. Thanks for joining me!


  1. I have loved your pictures every single day! Thanks so much for sharing the people and the wildlife and the islands with those of us who will probably never set foot on the Farallons. I'll miss the daily updates. Good luck in the future.

  2. Thanks for sharing your work. It's been a pleasure and also an education for me.

  3. Good job Annie Schmidt and good luck! Will miss your photos.

  4. Annie, everyday I looked forward to your amazing photos, your blog was most interesting, thanks for sharing your unusual experiences with us!
    Aunt Linda

  5. Just wanted to post and say thanks for your daily images. I was turned on to you by Kelly Boadway and I'm glad I was. As others have mentioned, I found your pictures to be inspiring and educational.

    Thanks again and good luck with your next adventure.

  6. Through your posts I was able to at least swim with the whales and experience some kind of adventure even though they're just formed through my imaginations. I'm inspired with every image and every word. Thank you!
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