Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 36: I want to nest, I don't want to nest, I want to nest...

Last post about Brandt's cormorants I mentioned they were building their nests in earnest and I was hopeful for them to be laying eggs soon. While I was off the island they did indeed start to lay eggs. But then they left again. All nesting attempts in our main study colonies were abandoned. And then they came back. They started nest building again, even some of the same birds that just abandoned their eggs, were back rebuilding in the same spot. Today, we had several nests that once again have eggs. This on again, off again, behavior is very hard to interpret and that makes it hard to predict what will happen with the latest wave of nest building. Hopefully, like the bird above, they will continue to gather nest material, build their nests, and lay eggs.

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